Refinishing Elevator Interiors at Overton Centre, Fort Worth, Texas

For Our Client: CMD Realty Investors, L.P.

Our customer was required to remove mirrored panels from their elevator cabs, and was intrigued by the walnut veneers that lay beneath the glass.

The elevator panels were damaged badly with screw holes and black mastic had been used to secure mirrors over them
Awful panels, before
Badly dmaged elevator interiors, almost appears unsalvagable
Terrible panels, before
The mastic has been removed and screw holes and deep gouges have been filled in prep for stain and finish to come.
Panels in repair
Here, the repaired panels have been stained and are receiving a few seal coats of finish.
In finishing process
After a few seal coats, the panels receive some toner coats of finish. We custom mix the color and apply thin even coats to arrive at the final color.
Color coats for finish
Panels are finished now and installed
Beautiful panels after
Complete, and beautifully refinished architectural millwork here!
Final view, after

Our customer was required to remove mirrored panels from their elevator cabs, and was intrigued by the walnut veneers that lay beneath the glass. CWS was called in to determine whether the panels could be "cleaned up." We offered the client several choices, including refinishing the existing panels or fabricating new ones.

The existing panels looked terrible - black mastic had been applied, and furring strips had been screwed into the veneers, then ripped out when the glass was removed.

Our client chose to have the original panels restored rather than fabricating new. This was the most cost effective way of dealing with the problem, though the end result would not be "like new" panels.

Our finishing staff was confident that we could restore the panels to a beautiful refinished condition at a savings to the client, so the panels were taken to the shop and the process begun.

We started by chemically removing the black mastic. Once removed, the panels were washed down and dried, then sanded. Damaged areas were filled and patched, then final sanded for finishing.

The photo at right shows the panels prepped and stained, and staged for finishing.

The finish consisted of several seal coats of pre-catalyzed lacquer, followed by any necessary touch-up and color-blending of repair areas. After touch-up, another three to five coats of pre-cat were sprayed as a topcoat.

Some of the repair work got pretty extensive, requiring the splicing-in of large areas of veneer. During the touch-up stage, these areas were padded and color-blended and grained to match.

The photo at right shows the completed panels re-installed. Though these panels had some "character marks" and flaws, by nature of their rough history, the result was astounding.

We refinished five elevator cabs in this manner, then finished out the panels in the freight elevator with a matching plastic laminate.

CMD Realty Investors was a WMS client for many years. In addition to the Overton Centre property, WMS maintained wood surfaces in One Ridgmar Center of Fort Worth, and plastic laminate surfaces at O'Connor Ridge and at 122 West Carpenter in the Las Colinas area of Irving, Texas. CMD Realty Investors is no longer in business. The company was dissolved at the end of 2006, after over 100 years in business. The real estate under management at CMD was transferred to Wind Realty Partners, and was sold off in its entirety in 2007.